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Here’s the things you need to try in Newcastle when you’re on a tight budget

As sad as it is sometimes we need to give Soho a break…

We all know Newcastle is the best city. Cheap drinks, Soho and banging nights out.

But as boring as it sounds to say, we all need a night off every now and again. Sometimes it's time to do a sober social and have a bit of a chill out and recover from all the trebs consumed.

Obviously being a student means eating out or Ubering back from nights out has consumed most of your student loan, therefore, we thought it was time to make a list of budget activities to be enjoyed alone, with your housemates or even visiting parents and friends.

Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal is arguably one of the prettiest buildings in Newcastle, fitting in perfectly with the oldest and grandest in Newcastle; especially along Grey's Street.

Each year it hosts around 300 shows, all of different genres and suited towards many different audiences. With a push toward encouraging students and young people to get excited about theatre, they offer standby tickets which means half price tickets two hours before the performance starts (if there are spare tickets at the box office), and £5 tickets for all of the RSC Performances.

So if you want to get cultured and watch some Shakespeare or even Mamma Mia this is perfect for you.

Tyneside Cinema

Another Newcastle gem is the Tyneside Cinema. Founded in 1937, they are proud to be a leading specialist cinema and the last surviving news theatre still operating as a cinema.

Not only is it pretty boujee and Insta worthy inside, it's also good to visit on a budget. They've started a Monday Cult Classics Night, where they will be showing a mystery cult film which is free, all you need to do is buy a ticket to secure a place which gets you a drink, £2 for soft and £4 for alcoholic


Just a few stops on the metro, whether rain or shine, Tynemouth is not only another Insta worthy destination but gets you out of The Robbo and into the fresh air. With an array of cafes and restaurants, you can go for posh fish and chips at Riley's Fishshack or a takeaway option and eat it on the beach. The pier to the lighthouse has amazing views, practically guaranteeing a cute pic.

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Jesmond Dene

With a waterfall, Pet's Corner and acres of peaceful woodland, what a better way to walk off your hangover or even have a picnic with your mates (weather dependent). A unique and easy budget destination right in the heart of Jesmond. Perfect for a lovely Sunday morning.

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Once an industrial hub, it is now quirky residential area challenging the notion that Jesmond is the best place in Newcastle. Ouseburn boasts an array of live music venues and pubs, including Thali Tray, Arch 2 Brew Pub and the Ship Inn (with an entirely vegan menu!). It even has its own farm which is free to go in and has lots of adorable animals to feed or stroke; making it the perfect destress before exams or an essay deadline.

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