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Newcastle will be the first city to get the Greggs Festive Bake

First to create Greggs, first to the pastries

Newcastle is going to be the first city to get a taste of Greggs' Festive Bake this year, and boy are we ready for them.

After the nation voted in their thousands on a public poll to decide where should be the first to take a bite, it became a close call between Birmingham and Newcastle. The Brummies put up a good fight but the Geordies claimed the win in the end.

The Northumberland Street shop will be selling the new goodies on Friday November 1st at 4:30pm.

I mean, where else deserves to trial these new beauties first than the place that our oh so loved Greggs was born? It's basically a human right to the Geordies at this point.

You can also get your hands on a FREE Festive Bake on Friday November 7th if you fancy a trip out to Sunderland's Union Street. That's if you haven't already scoffed 10 within the week (just to make sure you've tested them enough of course).

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If just the mention of a Greggs pastry hasn't already got your mouth watering then wait till you know what the Festive Bake contains. It's sweet cure bacon, succulent chicken breast, and sage and onion stuffing all melted into heavenly medley of sage and cranberry sauce. *drools*

To top it off, a Greggs 'superfan' will have the honour of carrying a 'Festive Bake' torch into the Northumberland Street store to mark the Geordie victory. You won't want to miss this OR the bake. Go get 'em.