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Here’s where offers the best gluten free food options in Newcastle

Whoops, there goes the student loan


Everyone presumes gluten free food tastes like nothing, or even worse, like cardboard. But, that doesn't have to be true! Wave goodbye bland food and say hello to flavour heaven. Newcastle has a lot on offer for the GF students out there.

Here's the best places for banging GF food!

Pizza Punks

With a pizza costing only £11 (unfortunately £1 extra for a GF base) for unlimited toppings, this is a strong option to fulfil your need for carbs. Plus, on Mondays they've got a deal of two pizzas and two drinks for £20, what more could you really ask for?

Their pizzas are to die for, and with the customisability, every pizza is guaranteed to be perfection.

Fat Hippo

Strong claim: The BEST burgers in the North East. We'll put a tenner on it that if you order a fat hippo burger, you’ll love it.

So much of their menu is gluten free, and letting you into a secret… you can even order their wachos. They’re not stated as gluten free, but if you order them with skinny fries instead of the waffle fries, then they’re gluten free heaven!


Dabbawal serves a range of Indian street food, most things you won’t have heard of, but it’s a mystery worth solving.

Their menu boasts a wide variety of mouthwatering gluten free food and they label it super clearly on the menu so you can't miss it!

It’s hard to say no to their lunch time deal of 3 small dishes for £15 or 5 for £20.

PLUS, their cocktails are literally insane, no better place to go for a classy meal out.

Camber Coffee

This cute little vegan cafe serves so many gluten free options, from cakes and sweet bakes to teriyaki tofu and a meze platter.

Their food is on the cheaper side, with the most expensive item (that’s GF friendly) coming in at only £6.90 – the rainbow flatbread.

And on top of this, they’ve got 10% student discount, so even that will only cost £6.21.

Las Iguanas

Mexican food, with 25% student discount and HUGE gluten free menu? Sign me up. Head to their menu where you can filter by GF, perfect!

Some of our faves include the chicken tinga tacos, the burrito bowls and the bahain jackfrit curry!

Oh and did we mention the all day everyday 2-4-1 deal?! Cocktails are gluten free!!!!

That’s all I’m going to say.


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I’m sure we’ve all seen the Dispensary on someone’s Instagram. Being GF doesn't mean you can't have sweet treats too.

The pancakes come with a syringe filled with maple syrup, and are very grammable.

There's four very different GF options , but the best has to be the Strawberry Stack – strawberries, nutella, white chocolate sauce, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream.

Calorific heaven!

Nadon Thai

Most of their menu is gluten free, so you’ve got SO many options. We always go for the thai red curry with sticky rice, a safe but sure option, but we can assure you everything on the menu is gorgeous.


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This small, often overlooked, restaurant in Eldon Square allows you to make your own burrito bowl (there are other options for non GF people too) with plenty of choice for fillings.

Choosing from a range of meats, or jackfruit, plus three different rices and plenty of veg… you never expect it to be so cheap.

But, with the magic of student discount, you can get a burrito bowl and a drink for under £7!