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Here are some tips to help you with deal with anxiety at university in Newcastle

There’s loads of help out there

University is an amazing time for many of us, making new friends, partying and having the time of your life. Despite this new found social freedom of no parents, student overdraft and a wealth of drinking establishments at your disposal some less than desired side effects can arise.

Naturally you may be anxious as there's a rush of new names, a new city to learn about along with the responsibility of balancing your social life and that degree you’re forking out an arm and a leg to complete. Here are some tips for how to ensure you keep cheerful even during your lowest points at university.

Eat Well and Stay Active

At uni you will run into quite a bit of downtime on your own, if you're feeling anxious or lonely try to spend some of this time exercising and eating well. Through a good diet and keeping active you will begin to pave the way towards a healthier mind and body.

Obviously eating well isn't always possible with the availability of cheap and scrumptious takeaways Newcastle has to offer but no one is asking you to give up that kebab you really desire at the end of a long night of blue trebs. Everyone deserves a cheat meal every now and again, maybe start by cutting down to one takeaway a week!

Get into a daily routine

Do you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do, wondering when the next interesting moment in your life is going to swing by? If this is you, try to create a daily routine and follow it. Having a routine with some variations in day to day activity will give you more of a purpose.

Joining societies that interest you will also help you to find and meet new people who are like minded and add something to your weekly schedule. Balancing this routine around work and social life will also lift some pressure from your shoulders as you already have a basic plan for your day.

Newcastle has several societies to choose from, whether you're into sport, theology or even an impromptu holiday

Write down your thoughts

It will help to make a note of what happens when you get anxious as you can identify what triggers your anxiety. You could also make a note of what's going well in your life. Having anxiety can mean you have a lot of things on your mind that you may be overthinking. It's important to cut yourself some slack and remember that life can be amazing.

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Question your thinking

Anxiety could lead to you create a fictional scenarios within your own head. Questioning this thought process instead of letting anxiety distort your reality will help you to realise that many of the negative thoughts we experience are all in our head. Reality is usually not as severe as anxious thoughts will lead you to believe.

Try Peer Support

Anxiety is natural and is something many suffer with in one way or another with varying degrees of severity. Being open and communicating with your friends will help you get your worries off your chest, your friends are an amazing support group and will help you through your tough times.

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Even a quick stroll with your mates will do wonders to lift your spirits

At the end of the day it is important to remember that mental health can be very difficult to deal with and if you're unsure if these tips will help you it may be beneficial to seek help. There are several organisations out there that can help you by providing you with professional advice and counselling services.

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