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Five hidden gem pubs you ought to visit in Newcastle

Discover the real Newcastle

Living in Newcastle for over a year has taught me that pubs are not just an amenity, they are akin to a place of worship. However, my first year’s indulgence was not varied at all, it resided in the same old campus orientated pubs (you know the ones I’m on about). The ones that are crammed with freshers gossiping about last night’s antics and the seminar that is taking place as they sip their frothy Carling. Enough was enough.

I made it a personal mission to delve past the realms of Osborne road and the Hancock gates, to places unknown to such gossiping freshers.

The Old George: £££

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This is a quintessentially English pub which is situated in the alleyways of Bigg Market near Illegitimate and Market shaker. The pub has an extensive beer garden residing in a cobbled alleyway decorated with bunting and fairy lights, with plenty of outside television screens for those big footy derbies. The pub itself is spacious and has a great atmosphere, and feels miles away from the bustling city centre streets that surround it.

Main selling point: The Old George is open till 2am at the weekend, so if you fancy going out but don’t want to endure the sweatiness of Soho on a Saturday, the Old George provides a more relaxing alternative.

Bar Loco: ££

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Bar Loco is a trendy pub, that feels like you’re in the comfort of your mates living room. Its perched between Newcastle University campus and St. James Park, making it convenient for those post lecture pints. The pub has an array of good ales from £2.75 (with a student card) and good lagers from £3.25. You may come across some southerners wearing imprinted elephant trousers they bought in Thailand but not to worry, they are a minority.

Main selling point: The décor and the homely feel to the place.

The Free Trade Inn: ££

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Sunset view over Quayside

The Free Trade Inn is in the gentrified area of Ouseburn. Although, it is a good 25 minute walk from the city centre, its position on top of a hillside ensures that drinkers can soak in spectacular elevated views of Newcastle’s and Gateshead’s bulging skyline (especially at sunset). The pub has 9 cask and 12 keg ales that rotate on a weekly basis with brews from local producers and upcoming brewery’s across the UK.

It's also popular for the food trailers in the beer garden, notably the local restaurant ‘Scream for Pizza’ setting up a mobile stall every Wednesday.

Main selling point:
The view and the quality of beer. I asked the bartender what makes this place so special, and he simply told me that a German couple visit Newcastle three times a year just to enjoy the spectacle of the Free Trade Inn. Can you manage that walk now?

The Newcastle Tavern: £££

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Located underneath the Tyne bridge, the Tavern has to be one of the best pubs in Newcastle. It offers three ales brewed within the premises and four beers on draft from the Wylam brewery at Exhibition Park. The pub also has a library, which is a handy alternative to the Robbo, which never has enough seats.

The Tavern also offers a good selection of food with several vegan options and some Louisiana style jazz music if that what you’re into.

Main selling point: The quality of beer and the rustic/modernity of the pub.

The Crown Posada (Quayside): ££££

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The Crown Posada is the oldest pub in Newcastle open to the public, opening 230 years ago it still has the original stained glass windows and décor. When sitting in the House of Common-like chairs you do really feel like royalty, especially after spending £4.50 on a single pint. However, the Posada is always packed, providing an unbeatable atmosphere and a great opportunity to escape the Jesmond bubble and talk to the locals about how poor the weather is and what an earth is going on with Brexit.

Main selling point: The People, the paintings, the pints.