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We asked you for your weirdest Newcastle halls stories and you provided the goods

Everyone had some hella weird halls experiences, right?

Your first year of uni generally consists of finding yourself living with a bunch of new people, making drunken memories and all in all having lots of new experiences. Some, weirder than others.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Urine

"I was at a pres in Turner Court with a bunch of lads. We were all really drunk in someone's bedroom and someone thought it would be funny to take the boys Harry Potter memorabilia of a giant Goblet of Fire that was in the room and pee in it.

"While we were all howling with laughter the boy got super angry and freaked out, yeeted the goblet out of the window, and only then the true realisation that he had thrown away his prized possession dawned on him. Poor lad never quite recovered."

Cheesus Christ

"While in the living room me and a few of my flatmates were super hungry but too lazy to cook. We heard that the Christian society were going around halls giving out free cheese toasties so we text them looking for some.

"Turns out we had to ask a burning question we had about Christianity to get one. My friend panicked and asked the guy who his favourite pope was, only to be told that was specific to Catholicism, not Christianity- awkward!"

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Medic to the Rescue

"Woke up one night to a random guy passed out in our corridor. None of us had any clue who he was, and so being a Medic student I decided to try practise my skills on him and tried to check his vitals and revive him. All of a sudden he woke up and started STRIPPING ALL HIS CLOTHES OFF! So we now had a naked, disorientated guy on our hands who was trying to locate his accommodation while we were freaking out. Funniest but weirdest experience of my life. "

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Wake the f**k up, Kyle!

"Due to there being no real security measures needed to get into Park View, there would quite frequently be strangers in our block that did not live there. There was a random guy passed out asleep by the stairwell one morning and everyone was walking by taking pictures of him. By the afternoon he was STILL there! Dude could have slept through a hurricane!"

Fridge Fiend, reveal yourself

"A guy in my flat (he knows who he is) got pissed off at all of us and we went to the fridge one day to discover he had bitten into our peppers overnight, dripped meat blood onto the vegetarian's shelf, and gone through our cupboards and opened packets of food. He still to this day denies it was him but we all know it was you."

Archery Anarchy

"Some people in my flat decided to have a knife throwing competition where they all had to get a knife to stay in the wall. Never mind the obvious extreme hazard, it left massive marks in the wall which were interesting to try explain during the termly inspection."

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Mystery Masterchef

"A random bunch of people who did not live in my flat, and I don't even think lived in my accommodation, came into our flat and started cooking at 3am. They just walked in, cooked a meal and left. Hope they had a tasty scran."

Floor 5 Shag Chart

"All of the flats on my floor got on really well with each other and a lot of us ended up doing bits across the flats. I didn't realise quite how much shagging was going on until one of the girls made an in-depth shag chart, with well thought out colour coded symbols to indicate the extent of sexual activity occurring across our horny floor. Thought this was pretty common across halls until I was met with horrified and hilarious faces from many students. P.s – anyone reading this from Floor 5 Park View this year, you must keep the tradition alive xx ."

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all names scribbled out to maintain (some) dignity

Moooove Out

"On my accommodation moving in day, the accommodation help man told me a story from a few years back at Castle Leazes where some students drunkenly managed to get one of the Leazes' cows into their accommodation and into the lift.

"Sounds hilarious until they came to the realisation that they couldn't get the cow out of the lift, no matter how much they tried. Apparently security eventually had to be called and the cow had to be put down. No idea what happened the students."

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