We asked students what their favourite thing about living in Newcastle is

Swingers or Sausage Rolls?

If you're reading this, you probably already know how great Newcastle is. But, just in case you were looking for something new about it to love, we did the research for you.

It's the people who make Newcastle – and these are their favourite things about our fair city.

Anna, 20, Journalism

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"The thing I love most about Newcastle is the people. Everyone's really friendly and helpful when getting around."

It's true, we're the loveliest.

Will, 21, Psychology

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"It's so close to everything. You're 20 minutes from the beach, 20 minutes from the countryside too, yet its still such a vibrant city."

Surf vibes ONLY.

Lou, 21, International Business Management

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"I like the student atmosphere – there are lots of other students and loads of things are oriented towards students in general. There's a lot to do and see for cheap."

3 trebs for £6 save lives.

Saugat, 20, Computer Science

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"The graduate opportunities. I come from a small town so it's good to be in a place that is flourishing."

It's not all about partying, kids.

Maya, 21, Law

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"How willing people are to go out of their way for you. The little interactions with the locals that might seem insignificant are actually really important in developing a sense of belonging."

We all owe a lot to the "two punnets of strawberries" man on Northumberland Street.

Alice, 20, Journalism

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"How far away from home I am and how cheap a night out is."

Ah, like a distant utopia.

Harry, 22, Dentistry

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"For me it's that every time I come back, I know I'm coming back home."


Georgia, 19, Journalism

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"Swingers. It's the best night out in town – plays all the oldies but goldies. I want to cry when they turn the lights on and tell me I actually have to leave."

Okay – sometimes it is all about partying…

Ross, 24, Psychology

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"Everything is in walking distance. I can walk to McDonald's, uni and the cinema in the space of 20 minutes."

Fortune favours the lazy.

Sam, 26, Advanced International Business Management

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"The general energy of the city – it's a real non-pretentious, down-to-earth good time. Working class heroes, as opposed to Canary Wharf wanks. Oh, and that it's the birthplace of Greggs and Brown Ale."

There's definitely nothing pretentious in writing an article about how great your city is, I'm sure.