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11 things you’ll learn from having an Irish flatmate

We don’t just drink Guinness

Irish stereotypes: we've heard them all.

There's more to our meals than potatoes. Shocker, we know. Not everyone has red hair, and much to our disappointment, the luck of the Irish isn't actually a real thing.

So if you're lucky enough to live with someone from Ireland, we'll definitely teach you a few things.

1. Our accent will probably take a while to get used to

When we say we, "need a 'toul' for the 'sharr'," or pronounce 'flower' like "flarr," you will probably get confused. If you hear us say, "murr," we mean "mirror," we're not making a random noise, it's actually a word. It gets annoying when you imitate us. FYI, we think you sound like the Queen. 'Noy' do you get it?

2. We'll probably know that Irish person on your course

Everyone in the country knows each other- it's a fact. If not, we'll definitely have at least 30 mutual friends on Facebook. A friend of a friend will probably have gone to school with them, or they'll have done Irish dancing together in year four.

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3. The Irish CAN actually drink more than you

Probably because our shot measures are 35ml. It rains 225 days a year, so what else is there to do?

4. Our slang can get quite complicated, but you'll probably start using it too

Soon you'll be saying, "what's the craic?" and refer to the farmers on your course as "culchies." When we say, "yer man," we're not actually talking about a specific person, and if we call you an, "eejit," it's not a good thing.

5. We talk quickly, so keep up

When your Irish flatmate is speaking at 75mph in a strong Belfast accent, you might get confused. It also gets worse when we've had a drink.

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6. "Dia dhuit," there is an actual Irish language

Not everyone can speak it, but it does exist. Don't ask us if it's the same as Welsh, or Gaelic. It's not.

7. We don't all drink Guinness on a night out

It's actually quite gross. Unless it's Saint Patrick's Day, you won't actually find Irish students drinking it. So don't be shocked at pres when we drink Echo Falls or Glens.

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8. Just because your great great great Granny was Irish, doesn't mean you are

I guess we're flattered that you really want to be Irish, but the connections are always too loose, so don't bother mentioning it.

9. Our £20 notes aren't fake, honest

The woman on the checkout at Wilko's will probably get her manager to check the note is legit. Also, just because some of them say, 'Danske Bank,' on the front, doesn't mean that it's a Danish note. We're not trying to scam you, we just want to pay for our McDonald's.

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10. St Patrick's Day is a pretty big deal

The celebrations start early. By early, we mean pints at 10am. Don't bother coming out if you're not head to toe in green, with a flag and a shamrock on your cheek. When, 'I'll Tell Me Ma' comes on in the club, expect us to know all the words.

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11. No, there is no bridge between England and Ireland

Although it would be very handy, you can't actually walk or drive between Ireland and England. There's no trains either. Paris? Yes. Belfast? No.

If you haven't already guessed, we're pretty obsessed with our country. Why wouldn't we be?