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A guide to the best takeaways Newcastle has to offer

Well needed after a heavy night

Takeaways, the best things to come from Newcastle after the nightclubs and the reason why freshers 15 is practically impossible not to gain. To prove our love for the places to spend our money and ruin our diets we’ve decided to do a run down of the best takeaways to visit in Newcastle.

1. Munchies

To kick off the list I’ve decided to go with the best takeaway in town (for me at least anyway)- MUNCHIES! Home to the best garlic pizza dip in the town, there's more than one Munchies! It can be seen dotted around the Bigg Market or at the top of Northumberland Street if you don't mind a longer walk and want a shorter queue!

2. Toon Express

Picture this, you’ve just done the classic Bijoux, Flares, Soho run and are excited for some big fat scran. Toon express is always there for you! Located right next to Soho it would almost be too rude not to pop in for a slice (or two!!) of pizza after. PSA the chicken BBQ pizza is a personal favourite of mine (Quick side note: don’t try get on the wall of fame in here, it never works, trust me I’ve tried.)

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ahhh … the wonderful sign of SOHO in the background <3333

3. Koh-I-Noor

Controversially more of a restaurant than a takeaway- Koh I Noor is the infamous curry shop open till 4am every night. Despite the shockingly low hygiene rating, I’ve ended some of my best nights out in Koh-I-Noor and the pricier pay check is definitely one worth paying. If nothing else, at least you can get a picture outside the Taj Mahal!!

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Impress your friends with your Gap Yah pics outside the Taj Mahal!

4. Toon Takeaway

Often know as the 'kebab shop come disco' this really isn't one to miss. Some may see it as a lesser Munchies but the cheesy chips and gravy are to die for (coming from a true northerner) and the disco that it holds every night proves that Toon Takeaway is one to visit. With a punching bag in the corner, if a rowdy night out where you don’t want the fun to stop is for you, then Toon Takeaway is certainly the place to be.

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When you just can't hack the night, Toon Takeaway always has your back…

5. McDonald's

We hate to say it but going to McDonald's after a night out in The Toon is a bit pathetic. Yeah, I understand fancying some nuggs but the takeaways up here are rivalled by nowhere. Why go to McDonalds when there are much better options all crammed into Bigg Market? That saying, if you really need your fix, then I recommend the Maccies on Northumberland street as it’s a lot bigger and emptier than the other one on Grainger Street which can turn into a bit of a zoo when the clubs close.

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6. Greggs

And last but certainly not least we have Greggs, the classic Newcastle pop-in – and luckily for us they’re open till 3.30 on a Friday and 4am on a Saturday. The most perfect and reliable drunk (and sober) food where you can never go wrong.