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‘A mash made in Heaven’: These are the best Sunday roasts Newcastle has to offer

For those days cooking is too much

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It's Sunday morning in the Toon and rain is most likely falling. You’re a tad hungover, very sleepy and you’ll have beef with your flatmate if they even mention the chance of a homemade roast. We've taste tested some of the top roast dinners in and around Newcastle, so you don’t have to.

The Old George in the Courtyard – 7/10

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The Old George is a rogue choice for a Sunday lunch and was a last-minute decision to go. We've familiarised ourselves with the pub taking advantage of their half price premium pints on a Monday and never thought of it being a good roast dinner spot!

We went for the leg of lamb which was delicious, even if you're not a huge fan of meat on the bone it was seasoned to perfection and so flavourful.

The Old George is ideal for a chilled Sunday in the city centre, you’ll nearly always be able to find a table which is great and it’s ideal for groups too! With plenty of outdoor seating (if weather prevails) and with such friendly staff it’s no wonder it’s a local favourite.

The Bridge Tavern – 8/10

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If you enjoy visiting the Quayside market on a Sunday morning it is a must afterwards. Just a two-minute walk from the bustling market, The Bridge Tavern offers everything you seek in a proper British pub; real ale, craft ale, good wine and delicious pub food.

For the roast, the sirloin beef is up there at the top; tender, succulent and pink. It was absolutely delicious. Wylam know how to dress their roast dinners and always leave their meals swimming in the most meaty, rich and juicy gravy. Alongside the beef you’ll find caramelised and roasted carrots, parsnips and onions; we'd have preferred some broccoli too but the vegetables were still grand!

The yorkshire puds and roast potatoes had never seen Aunt Bessie before and were golden, fluffy and worked brilliantly with the beef. Slightly over standard price for the area at £13, but still reasonable.

The Holy Hobo – 8/10

They do a main meal for £9.95, offering sirloin of beef, chicken or pork. There is also an option for a trio of meats for £12.95 or a vegetarian option for £8.95. We went for pork and it was a cracker from start to finish!

You can accompany your meal with a glass of red which comes in a student offer so this is a perfect spot when the overdraft is looming.

You might think it's weird eating Sunday lunch in a place you’re used to spending the night drinking in, but we rate Holy Hobo’s offering of really decent food at reasonable prices.

97 and Social – 9/10

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Another beauty located in the heart of Jesmond, it’s almost too handy to miss. The service is always absolutely spot on and it’s usually pretty easy to get a table if you arrive before 1pm, though it can get busier as the afternoon falls.
The lamb is served pink, with plenty of flavoursome vegetables and a massive homemade Yorkshire pudding it is just a lovely roast dinner which is done just like your Grandma makes with it with all the trimmings!

Branches Jesmond – 9/10

The interior has to be mentioned when reviewing this one, absolutely beautiful white walls, covered in flowers and lights.

Amongst a group of friends, we opted for a bottle of Pinot Grigio and we all decided to get the lamb. After around twenty minutes the main event arrived, and it was one worth waiting for.

Branches serve their vegetables separately to the main, which can sometimes mean you just receive a smaller portion to normal. Thankfully, there was no scrimping here. The roast dinners were served with a side of creamy, rich cauliflower cheese, definitely homemade and an addition which was welcomed with open mouths. There is also broccoli, red cabbage and mashed turnip. The gravy wasn’t quite Wylam standard but still so rich and delicious.

An absolutely splendid Sunday roast. A little expensive at £16 for a main, which makes it just miss the top mark!

The Town Wall – 10/10

This classic and homely pub boasts atmosphere, a brilliant selection of beers and phenomenal roast dinner. The Town Wall gains the top spot for us on a Sunday!

It’s worth mentioning that the pub is dog friendly which is great if you’ve got family visiting with your furry friends!

The topside of beef is served pink. It's delicious, succulent, moist and also local which is always lovely. The lunches here are served with lashings of gravy. It’s the type of venue that gives you everything you love about being at home for a roast, but without all of the dishes.

A main course will set you back just £11 and they offer a variety of desserts including a lovely cheese board for £5-6.