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Club goer accuses Tup Tup of overcharging him when he bought two bottles of vodka and just forgot

He thought he had spent eight quid, not eighty

A Newcastle club-goer accused Tup Tup Palace of overcharging him for a drink on his night out this Tuesday, only to realise that he had bought two bottles of Absolut Vodka and just forgotten about it.

He messaged Tup Tup Palace the following morning to explain how his transaction of £8.55 was showing on his online banking as £85.55.

He said: "Hi last night I was out and bought a drink and shot from bar and when I have checked my banking it has came out as 85.50 when it should have been £8.55." Tup Tup staff asked to see his statement and said they would look into it.

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Staff at the club investigated and matched their statements with the transaction. It quickly came to light that he had in fact bought two bottles of Absolut Vodka not just the small round he remembered. Heavy.

Tup Tup Palace, along with everyone else reading the interaction, found this hilarious and posted a screenshot of the chat on their Facebook page.

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Tup Tup cracked the case

They said to Daniel: "Hi Daniel, it turns out last night at Tup Tup Palace you did purchase some drinks at the bar, however it wasn't quite two shots as you remember, you did in fact purchase two bottles of Absolut Vodka.

"I have attached the receipt which is matching to your Online Banking transaction. We hope you enjoyed your night here at Tup Tup Palace."

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Daniel, the big spender, gave the response most of us probably would have too: "Oh right cheers FUCK haha". Classic.

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Very big mood

David Branley-Speirs, a manager at Tup Tup Palace told The Newcastle Tab: "After receiving what we thought was a complaint via Facebook, straight away you think 'Ah God, one of the bar staff has overcharged someone on card.'

"But there's a huge difference between two shots for £8.50 and two bottles of vodka for £85.50! Suppose everyone gets that touch of being a baller once they've had a drink! Rather funny if you ask me! I'm sure all our replies would be similar to his the next day though."

We want to find Daniel and talk to him about his spenny night out, is it you? Do you know him? Let us know on [email protected] or dm us on Instagram @TheTabNewcastle.