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Newcastle’s Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ 2019

Down it you FRESHAAAAA

Ahh Freshers'…so young and full of hope. Eager for a taste of the infamous Newcastle night out; not prepared for the inevitable Freshers' flu heading their way.

Whether you’ve just arrived or are returning for another year, there's nothing quite like a night on the Toon.

So, before you’re coughing your way through your first semester, let’s look back on the best of the first week.

Going to university 'to develop many essential skills'

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Protecting your drunk friend no matter what

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Freshers trying to get all that free alcohol like:

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When your mate says they’re not out tonight…

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Your face when your mate suggests a Maccies on the way home…

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When the student loan finally drops

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That one friend who always fucks it but you love them anyway

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The first blue treb of many!

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Trying to stay awake in your 9am like

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When you realise Freshers' Week is over and you actually have to go to lectures now…

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Photo Credits: Soho Rooms Newcastle (Sarah May), Skint Newcastle (Alex Griffin), Oops Newcastle (Rob Anderson), Digital Newcastle (Max Cooper), Bijoux Bar Newcastle (IAMVIP) & Waikiki Newcastle (Rob Anderson)