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Eight top tips guaranteed to help you settle into Newcastle Uni

Welcome to the Toon, you fabulous freshers! Here’s how to smash that first week.

Ah, Fresher's week! The time when you're going to be hurled out of your comfort zone and into the deep abyss of having to – what feels like -squander about to make new friends.

There’s no need to fret. During that first week in which you’re expected to mingle with like-minded newbies and bathe in the (over)hyped glory of that Fresher fever feeling, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to help you ease into uni life a little better…

1. Stock up on Paracetamol.

You are (despite thinking you won’t) most definitely going to catch the infamous freshers flu. In this case, it’s better not to live and learn, but prepare ahead of time and pimp up on supplies. Prepare for that wretched cough you’ll hear echoing around the room during your first lecture (assuming your hungover state manages to drag yourself into uni that day. Good luck in advance). 

2. Don’t stress about money (too) much

If there’s any knowledge you have prior to coming to the land of the Geordies, it’s that drinks are astonishingly cheap (those £3 trebs are the devil in disguise). For most of us, the start of term means that lush student loan has come in, sitting prettily in your bank account waiting to be used…and use it you shall, but be wise!

Blowing a majority of it too soon will make you wish you hadn’t been such a big spender since Freshers and saved some for the end of term. Be smart. We recommend planning a loose budget (but you probably won’t stick to it anyway.)

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Drunk, delusional and deceived by alcohol, these three girls most definitely woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and 75% more broke.

3. Utilise the perks of limitless discounts.

Say hello to the wonderful threesome: you, your UNI-DAYS and Student Beans account are going to be the best of friends. Gone are the days of remorseful cash regrets. Signing up to the above will guarantee you copious discounts and reduced prices (Girls, be warned. You will most likely see about ten other girls in the exact same PLT flares you thought you struck a great deal on. Just get used to seeing exact replicas of your outfits plastered on fellow freshers).

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Spotted: Those damned flares. Cheers, PLT.

4. Wrap up warm.

This one goes without saying. What were you expecting? It’s fucking freezing up North. You’ll still see girls wearing practically nothing though, myself included.

A bit like the flares situation, expect to see everyone you know wearing that puffer coat you bought in week one and thought was really edgy, sorry.

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'Chilly' would be an understatement to describe the weather up here (especially to you Southerners). Come prepared.

5. Get cash out before a night out

Trust me, this will save you from having to wait 200 years for your food. That 3am stumble to the kebab shop is inevitable (Oh Munchies, we LOVE you). Cashing out prior to the club will ensure you cut half the time in the queue and avoid the shoving of hungry, drunken (definitely not hot) messes fighting for their cheesy chips. 

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You don't want to be that person asking if their order is nearly ready five times.

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When Munchies is too packed, Subway will suffice.

6. Join Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange

If you’ve been a virtual zombie on Facebook for the past few years, now is the time to re-engage with the digital world. Amongst stalking people’s (newly updated pompous DP’s from their gaap yahhh), you ought to join the ticket exchange for useful info. This is, of course, amongst updates of somebody’s late-night drunken shenanigans. See below for what I’m talking about.

 7. Do not stress about the housing situation.

October will arrive swiftly and all of sudden you’ll find yourself whisked into having to find the right house to live in with the ‘right’ people. Despite the drama that will inevitably arise from having to choose a house in such haste, don’t feel panicked about either:

a. Not finding the right people to live with

b. Not finding a decent house to live in

These situations always have a way of sorting themselves out. You will find the right people, even if it feels too fresh to find your friends. Unless you’re planning to live in a big group (by big we mean over 6) in which the largest houses in Jesmond (your home in second year, btw) tend to get snatched up quickly, there is no rush. Keep calm and stay cool.

8. Remember… it’s okay not to feel okay!

There’s going to be times when you feel overwhelmed and wrought with tiredness, loneliness and homesickness. That’s all perfectly normal. Everyone is in exactly the same boat, no matter the full face of confidence they appear to have. Be yourself, trust the process, and enjoy it. If you’re ever in need of talking to somebody, the Student Advice Centre crew are a phone call away or located on campus. 

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Don't worry, you'll find people just like you.

Photo credit: Feral Fridays @ Digi