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Here’s how to spot a Park View girl in 6 easy steps

It’s not just accommodation; it’s a state of mind

We can all spot a Castle Leazes gal from a mile away; the flares and puffer jackets she wears are iconic. But, have you ever given any thought to the lesser known Park View girl? Similar to the Fiat 500 girl, and Kensington and Park Terrace girls, she is languishing on the other side of Ricky Road in her peculiar, prefab accommodation, having to cook for herself on dubious, touch-operated hobs, missing out on the 'mental' pres in Craster.

Here is The Newcastle Tab's guide on what to expect in her flat, and how to spot her all over campus and out in the Toon.

Her kitchen

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A Park View girl struggles with her compact kitchen, unlike her sisters in Kensington and Park Terrace. Pots, pans and plates are strewn all over, although sometimes one organised gal picks up the pieces. But, one thing above all tells us she is a Park View girl; her kitchen equipment.

As well as the standard George Foreman grill, a Park View girl owns a NutriBullet (or some sort of blender). She frequently makes a wholesome smoothie for her breakfast, taking inspiration from her favourite health/fitness account on Instagram (but obvs she will still stop off for a cheeky Munchies/Maccies after a night out).

Her room

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Let's face it, Park View rooms are tiny (I'm sure they looked bigger on the uni website?) but that's okay, as a Park View girl knows how to make the best out of a bad situation. Her room is adorned with decorations, perhaps a cactus or two, fairy lights or a little palm plant? If she's feeling extra, naturally, she will display a 'live, laugh, love' sign, or something similar.

Her drink

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If you've ever been to pres with a Park View girl, you'll know takes this very seriously; there's no way she can go out in the Toon unless she's 'mortal', but she also wants to retain a bit of class. As such, her drink of choice is anything involving gin or a bottle of Echo Falls/Blossom Hill (nice and cheap, student life is hard).

Her exercise

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Keeping fit and healthy is of paramount importance to a Park View girl; she bought her gym membership as soon she received the email from uni and vowed to go at least once a day. But, that was back in Freshers', and her schedule has filled up; she needs to chat with Chloe about that boy she pulled in Soho last night, and maybe even go to a lecture or two. How is she supposed to fit the gym in as well, despite living about 30 seconds walk away?

Nevertheless, a Park View girl wants everyone on campus to know how passionate she is about her health, so she saunters into her lecture (at least 15 minutes late) in her gym wear, and her classmates instantly question their fitness regimes.

Her overdraft

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Having seen her bank statement, a Park View girl laments about how little money she has, wishing she was living the high life in Leazes, but is life in Newcastle's newest accommodation really that bad? Taking advantage of her (slightly) cheaper rent, she loves to pop down to the Quayside markets at the weekend, or perhaps a Deliveroo on a Sunday night? One thing's for sure, a Park View girl always finds a way into her overdraft.

Her tech

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A Park View girl is always completely up to date; no Androids or Windows laptops in sight (ew). She carries her MacBook everywhere (in its case, unlike a Leazes gal), noting everything the lecturer says, very loudly.

Obviously, she has the latest iPhone so that her Instagram game is unbeatable, featuring cocktail boomerangs with the girls for her story.

Park View girl models: Aoife McAteer, Lucy Mulheir and Jessica Woolley