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Breaking news: Flares has caught fire

Three fire engines attended the scene


Flares Newcastle nightclub caught fire in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The Newcastle Tab received reports of the blaze at Mosley Street at 12:20am on Wednesday morning.

A Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson told The Newcastle Tab that the fire started on the ground floor.

A Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson commented: "Three fire crews from Newcastle Central and Gateshead Community Fire Stations arrived at Flares at 00.14 this morning (Wednesday May 29th).

"The fire was on the ground floor of the public house, where an air conditioning unit was 50 percent damaged by fire and 50 percent severely damaged by heat. The ground floor sustained 5 percent light smoke damage and the basement also sustained some very light smoke damage. The remainder of the property was unaffected. Our crews left the scene at 00:45."

A video of the fire can be seen on The Newcastle Tab Instagram highlights.

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Several fire engines were called to the road of Flares Newcastle

Flames were seen coming from the building and three fire engines were at the scene.

A witness, who at the club tonight, told The Newcastle Tab that he could smell burning but that everyone got out safely, he said: "It happened around 00:10. I could smell burning and saw black stuff dripping from the ceiling . Everyone was evacuated with no casualties."

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Smoke could be seen coming from near Flares Newcastle

Another witness told us that it started above the dance floor. She said: "It began just above the dance floor in the corner where the poles are".

People have been tweeting in shock:

Flares did not open last night (29th May), and the club are yet to comment when it will reopen.

We will update this article as we hear more.

Footage can be seen on The Newcastle Tab Instagram highlights.