Newcastle’s BNOC of the Year: Round one

Something worthy to put on the CV

Whether you’re spotted by everyone you’ve ever met when you’re in Blanc or you can’t make it to your lecture on time because everyone wants a chat, being a BNOC is something everyone in Newcastle low-key wants to be.

Here are the nominations for the first round of the Newcastle BNOC 2019!

Meg Shine, fourth year, Marketing

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Reason for being a BNOC: She is infamous for knowing everyone in Jesmond and loves a rugby boy!

James Smith, second year, Geography and Planning

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Reason for being a BNOC: He apparently “enjoys smashing glasses on his forehead in Blanc when Wales win in the Six Nations, not as much as telling everyone that he’s better than Dan Nutton and belongs in the 1st XV though. His other hobbies include throwing knives at kitchen cupboards and pissing on peoples shoes in Soho”.

Saeed Ahmed, first year, Biomedical Sciences

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Reasons for being a BNOC: He drives a BMW in Castle Leazes and gets away with parking illegally by putting fake parking tickets on his car.

Ewan Scott, second year, Film and Media

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Reason for being a BNOC: He’s had about five jobs in the past year at uni and flirts with everyone that comes into The Holy Hobo, where he now works. When he goes on a night out will be recognised by ‘bare people’ somehow.

Louise Donnelly, third year, Business

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She managed 30 days of Veganuary and broke it on the last day with a kebab after a night out – legend

Reason for being a BNOC: She was the leprechaun in RAG and literally everyone knew her. She also works for the career service so is always round campus. She’s Northern Irish, and everyone from Northern Ireland knows each other. She also does Irish dancing so really is a lucky charm.

Dan Summers, second year, Urban Planning

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Reason for being a BNOC: If you’ve met Dan once, he’ll pop up everywhere you go, be it The Robbo or Soho. If anyone deserves to be called a BNOC, it’s Dan Summers.