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Nominations are now open for Newcastle’s BNOC of the year 2019!

Are you the next Big Name On Campus?

Newcastle Uni is probably the cream of the crop for BNOCS, considering the amount of crazy-rich rahs and totally mental freshers we seem to accumulate every year, but only one can win the coveted title of BNOC of the year 2019.

Do you have a friend who seems to know everyone in the Robbo? Nominate them. Do you know the craziest fresher? Nominate them. Is your mate famous in Castle Leazes? Nominate them. Can your bestie not walk down Northumberland street without bumping into at least ten friends? Nominate them.

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If you think you know a worthy champion, nominate them for BNOC of the year 2019. You can nominate yourself too, don’t worry, (although does that really make you worthy of the title?).

Nominate below!

Photo credit: Harry Craig (TigerWeds) Chris Gray (Soho Rooms)