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Northumberland Street was closed tonight after reports of a man on shop roof

Police confirmed that he has been arrested

An arrest has been made after reports of a man climbing onto the roof of a Northumberland Street building.

The Chronicle reported that the man in question was seen to be stood on top of the American Candy shop talking to a police officer.

Emergency services arrived to the scene and closed off the area from Haymarket Metro station to McDonald's at around 6:55pm this evening.

Both ambulances and police officers were present at the scene.

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One witness told The Newcastle Tab: "there was a guy on the roof, it looked like he was going to jump off and he was throwing what seemed to be bricks down onto the road".

The Chronicle reported that the man had been arrested by police with them stating: "The incident has now concluded and the man has been arrested".

At around 8:55 the police cordons were removed and the area is now open to the public again.

We will update this story as we get more information.