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Newcastle’s smallest box room: Round two

They’re just getting worse

There can only be one winner of this prestigious prize and we are back with round two giving your chance to vote again on the best of the box rooms. Some in this round are even being classed as unliveable…

Sarah Ryman, 2nd Year, Medic

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Although described as 'a tiny box room' by her housemates she has managed to make it into the room everyone in the house wants.

Where: Sunbury Avenue, Jesmond

Why: "I picked it because it gets sunny and I saw some potential with it"

3 words: Everyone's now jealous

What it would mean to win: "I want to prove a point that you shouldn't underestimate the box room"

Declan Horrox, Postgrad, Accounting

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Described as a 'mouldy small poorly ventilated room with too many pictures of his ex' by his housemates.

Where: Cavendish Place, Jesmond

Why: "Choose rooms from the Open Golf last July, I picked the favourite and he came last out of five golfers"

3 words: Mouldy love box

What it would mean to win: "I'm sure making moving rooms worth it…"

In a shocking twist Declan has had to move out of his room as it became too damp and unliveable. This is definitely a good thing as he is '6ft 4 and head and toes touched the wall'.

Josh Perfect, Third Year, Dentistry

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Where: St Catherine's Court, Sandyford

Why: Having viewed too many houses with one of his housemates refusing to sign he found a nice modern house with the only downfall being the box room. "I bit the bullet, took a two year dry spell and put myself forward for the team".

3 words: Cosy, impractical and soul-destroying

What it would mean to win: From his housemates perspective "Josh has been an absolute trooper and had the room for 2 years so deserves recognition for persevering before he's upgraded to bigger and better things in our new house."

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