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Newcastle’s smallest box room of 2019: Round One

Not for the faint hearted

The nominations are in! We had loads of you send in your and your mate's feeble box rooms. Some have a leaking ceiling, some are only just big enough to be legally rented and some don't even have a wardrobe.

There can only be one winner of this prestigious prize though.

The first round is finally here and you will have the chance to vote on your favourite and smallest box room of Newcastle.

Starting us off…

JJ Roberts, Third Year, Economics

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Described as an 'honourable man' by his friends but his small room means that that he prefers his mate's couch.

Where: Shortridge terrace, Jesmond

Why: 'I ended up with my room because my housemates are bigger and scarier than me'

3 words: Little boys room

What it would mean to win: 'I'd be the proudest owner of a single bed in Jesmond'

Caitlin Scarffe-Brookes, Second Year, Modern Languages

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It does indeed look very cosy

This room is so small 'it only just meets the legal requirements for a rentable room'.

Where: St George's Terrace, Jesmond

Why: We picked out of a hat (actually it was a chewing gum box) so it was pretty fair really

Three words: Storage learning curve

What it would mean to win: Make living with a leaky roof worth it

Charlotte Harrison, Second Year, Early Childhood

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Described by her friends as having 'possibly the most inconvenient room in Newcastle'.

Where: Stratford Road, Heaton

Why: 'Ended up with my room because I came through clearing, couldn’t hack my A levels and they only had Castle Leazes left. I’m not enough of a rah for that so was lumped with this one' (can't say we don't blame her)

Three words: A prison cell

What it would mean to win: 'Would mean so much, all the countless hours spent avoiding being in it would finally be worth it'

Place your votes to crown the winner of round one now: