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Newcastle’s best box room nominations are now open

It’s gotta be someone

The competition to crown Newcastle’s smallest box room is back again for 2019. It’s an unwavering dedication to the unselfish students among us.

As much as you try to convince yourself that “all the rooms are the same size” – they’re not. In every Jesmond house there’s a shit room with a single bed and a wardrobe out on the landing.

There’s always that dreaded discussion looming where you decide who is going to take one for the team and have the box room.

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Students who live in box rooms are usually among the savviest among us, forced to completely and sometimes interestingly utilise the space they are given. Therefore we feel they deserve some recognition for the pain they suffer.

We want to crown Newcastle’s best box room of 2019. Maybe it’s the smallest room in Jesmond, maybe you’ve decorated it and still made it feel like home or maybe it’s just a really really poor room.

If you, or someone you know, has a tiny room that could rival Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, then nominate them for this year’s competition.

Just fill in the form below – good luck!