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There was a bright blue bus on campus today to fight Brexit

Our Future, Our choice came to Newcastle

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Today OFOC (Our Future, Our Choice) brought their national campaign to Newcastle University. OFOC are one of the leading political movements pushing for a #peoplesvote on Brexit and inspiring young people across the UK to become more engaged in the current political situation.

The campaign is made up of young people and today students were asked about their thought on how they think Brexit will effect their studies.

Femi Oluwole is one of the co founders of OFOC and has been involved in the movement since 2016 after the first referendum. The main aim of the youth movement is to fight on the behalf of young people, who in the referendum in 2016 voted overwhelmingly in favour to remain in Europe.

He tole The Newcastle Tab, "It was really encouraging to see how many people are deeply passionate about getting out of this mess and how much it relates to their own personal futures, be it because they're language students or, like one lovely student, from poorer areas like Bradford which simply can't afford an economic hit."

The bus protest was a way of encouraging young people to write to their MPs about Brexit and ask them to support them. They have a step-by-step guide in how to contact your local MP on their website which can help build the momentum further. Didn't make it down to campus today? No problem. YOU can write to your MP now to help the momentum grow further.

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Signing the bus along with many other Newcastle students.

‘Dear MPs, 77% of us don’t want Brexit. Please stand up for our future! Signed young people.’