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I applied for Naked Attraction and this is what they asked me

From inside my pants to inside my parents’ lives

We've all been there; you get a bit drunk with your mates and one of you notices an advert on Facebook for a naked dating show and before you know it, they've egged you on and you've applied.

You think nothing of it until three months later when you have to step out of a lecture to take a phone call from a casting agent for Naked Attraction. After spending 45 minutes talking about your personal life with a complete stranger, you're on to the next step.

It was a pretty jokes conversation, but I decided it probably wasn't the next career step for me. These are the weird and wonderful things they asked me though in my interview – enjoy.

Why did you apply for this show?

When they asked this I didn't feel that I could say that it was done as a dare in case they hung up on me, so I just decided to play along with the theme and cringingly said that I was "looking to try something new and fun".

How would you describe yourself?

They didn't want a detail skipped over here, a head to toe description, not missing out a single hair. Now I'm not usually shocked by much, but when they asked how I would describe my genitals I didn't really know how to answer, it's not exactly a question you get asked every day. They even wanted to know what I do and don't like about myself which, if you're not totally confident, may be a hard thing for someone to explain.

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My personal preferences

They asked me in depth about the type of people I would be willing to date, from skin and hair colour to accent, from height to body type and everything else under the sun. Guess that is the only way you can really find your perfect match… and this was a serious show after all.

About my family life

Believe it or not, this was one of the weirder questions I was asked- they wanted to know how many siblings I had and if my parents were together. They also asked if my parent's relationship had affected my outlook on my relationships and how I treat people. Again, a question I haven't thought about often. I've only compared myself to my dad when I think about how early he started to lose his hair in comparison to how old I am now.

After the phone call was over, they told me I was through to the next round – not sure how I felt about that. I was then invited to an audition in Manchester where I was told I would be stood in front of two 'judges', where they can gauge a better understanding of my personality and appearance. One big thing that caught my attention in the email they sent was that I would have to get fully naked either for the duration of the audition or at the end.

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They were very adamant that I told my family and even my job that I might be on the show and for those that watch this with their mum or dad (God knows why), I can understand why you'd need them to know. I couldn't imagine anything worse than my mum saying "oooh he's got a really good body", only for the screen to reveal my face at the end and then turning to see hers whilst I'm sat right next to her.

If you're a confident person and think it would be a laugh to get your bits out for the nation then take note and maybe this could be your five minutes of fame.