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Clubbers of the week: You guys celebrated the end of term in true Newcastle style

It seems you were all still raring to go the week after St Paddy’s

What with the raucous debauchery of St Paddy's would it have been too much of a stretch to expect a quiet week for the clubs? Not really, but this is Newcastle and it appears not even Soho flooding dampened your spirits for a night out.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite clubbers of the week:

When you realise it's only Monday

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Only just holding back the tears

When you're reunited with the bestie you made in the girl's toilets moments before

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When you spot a 10/10 at the bar

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Trying to decide if that unattended drink is safe or not

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On the one hand I'm broke, on the other I don't need a trip to A&E

Tits out for the boys, tits out for the boys! Kwami!

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Jam'ie Private School Girl would be proud

Sorry, do I know you?

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Somebody's ready for their cheesy chips and their bed

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Walking out of the lads toilets like

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Surely no toilet floor should be THAT sticky

I SAID: Do you want to come home with me?

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At least your mate is digging your dance moves…

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I know we call them birds mate but that doesn't make them edible

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And finally: The three stages of a Soho night out

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What am I doing here? What is in this drink? Oh f*ck it!

Photo credits: Tiger Weds (Harry Craig) Soho Rooms (Chris Gray), Oops Newcastle (Oops Mondays), Feral Fridays (Aaron Shaquille-Carlton)