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Exclusive: Soho ‘blue’ trebs aren’t even blueberry

Turns out we’ve been ordering wrong all along

The blue treb is the Newcastle drink we all know and love, but it turns out none of us actually know what the hell these drinks are.

If not asking for a 'blue treb' it's safe to say the majority of us would ask for a 'blueberry treb' BUT not anymore.

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These famous Soho trebs are actually bubblegum flavour, so if you have always wondered why on earth your blueberry drink doesn't taste anything like blueberry (or maybe you've been too smashed to realise) then this is why! They are actually not blueberry at all.

When we spoke to a Soho Rooms employee, they themselves were unsure of the flavour of these blue drinks!

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Don't be too embarrassed though, people have ordered much worse, a treble with blue WKD probably tops the list, or maybe blue lemonade. At least now we can all order our bubblegum trebles with confidence, seen as though no one has ever told us before!

Photo Credits: Chris Gray (Soho Rooms)