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A love letter to Quayside

Not just a pretty view, you know

You've seen the snaps, had drinks in the sun at Pitcher and Piano, and taken the iconic photo on the bridge. But do you really appreciate Quayside? It's easy to get stuck in the Jesmond bubble, but hey, venture out every now and then and check out all the great things Quayside has to offer.

The views

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You can't talk about Quayside without mentioning the absolutely stunning views of the Millennium bridge. Be it sunrise, sunset or just the middle of the day, Quayside never fails to impress.

Grab a bite to eat

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Nothing makes a lunch cuter than a good view, in this case, the riverside. Stop by Quay Ingredient for a brunch date or head over the bridge to By The River Brew Co. for a couple of drinks. If you're feeling in a boozy mood, sip on some cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce, or a down a pint or two at the Quayside, which is arguably the best spoons Newcastle has to offer. Whatever you choose, wherever you go, just know you've got plenty of options.

The Baltic

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It's weird! It's wonderful! It's free! The Baltic features a rotating cast of exhibitions from a wide range of contemporary artists. From wacky exhibits which feel more like raves than art installations, to social commentaries on surveillance, propaganda and the internet, to serious portrayals of war and its impacts, the Baltic has something for everyone.

Additionally, the Baltic also boasts a stunning restaurant, SIX. Offering panoramic views of the quayside and seasonal dishes all made with locally sourced ingredients, SIX is a smash hit. Sure, it's a little classier than your usual date at Zizzis, but its worth it for the food and the views. Anniversaries anyone?

The Sunday morning market

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What better way to start your morning than by taking a stroll along the riverbank? The Sunday market offers a variety of stalls, with a large portion of them dedicated to selling you delicious street food. If you've got a sweet tooth go for the chocolate covered churros or doughnuts, or if you're missing your summer travelling around Berlin treat yourself to the German-style bratwurst, you won't regret it.

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Additionally, the market also has lots of stalls selling anything from CDs, handcrafted goods, art and vintage clothes, as well as a fruit and veg market. Maybe it's the perfect place to find your gap year friend the perfect unique gift (there's dream catchers galore), or maybe you just want to snack on some strawberries and stroll along the river.

And the biggest bonus of all? It's VERY Insta-worthy.