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NUSU Election Results 2019 – live blog!

Stay tuned to see who the next NUSU sabbatical officers will be

Voting has been open all week in the NUSU elections. The wait is finally over and we are here to reveal live, who your new sabbatical officers will be.

The student's union promised a 50p charity donation per student voter and a huge £3113 has been raised for Student Minds this week.

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7pm – we are in action! First up is Chair of the Students' Union. This goes to Stephen Dawes!

7:15pm – There are three candidates for the next disabilities officer. The role goes to… Georgia Corbett.

7:20pm – Next up is Grace, the faith and belief officer handing over. She will be succeeded by… Christopher Winter.

7:22pm – Chinyere Emeka is your new international student's officer who was unable to be at the ceremony tonight.

7:23pm – Now we move onto the LGBT+ role. Tobias Lawrence will take up this position for 2019!

7:25pm – Charlotte will be replaced as the marginalised genders officer by Maria Marr.

7:26pm – The next role is for students, parents and guardians officer, this goes to… Amani Alrossies.

7:28pm – Presidential candidate has taken to the stage to announce the next Racial Equality officer for 2019. There are two candidates, and the winner is Rabeeyah Cheema!

7:30pm – The current scrutiny officer announced that he will be taken over by… Alice Fish.

7:35pm – Current Activities Officer, Sophie McDermott took to the stage to move us on to the full time sabbatical roles. There were six candidates for this role, and the winner is… Eleanor Kilner.

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7:37pm – Next up, is AU officer, they are responsible for sport across campus! Your captain is… Joe Gubbins!

7:40pm – Onto The Editor of the Courier. Louise Hall handed over to Grace Dean.

7:42pm – Moving onto the education side of things. Pablo Charro De La Fuente will be in charge of all things learning and curriculum.

7:45pm – This is a new role for this year, postgraduate officer. NUSU's first postgraduate officer will be… Karina Sorrels.

7:48pm – Welfare and Equality officer Jack Green took to the stage to hand over to… Sara Elkhawad.

7:50pm – Current NUSU president Raff handed over the big one! Your newest NUSU president is… Katie Smyth!