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NUSU Elections 2019: Meet your Postgraduate Officer candidates

You have less than 24 hours to vote!

If you're a postgrad student, your Postgrad Officer will be the person that you'll go to for help and advice with all of your student issues. They're also responsible for intergrating postgrad students with general activites and events which are available through the uni.

So without further ado, here are your three candidates…

Chris Murray

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Chris Murray #1 for Postgraduate Officer 2019-20

It's time to drop my promo video. Big thanks to Cara Ballard for directing/editing and to Stephen Dawes, Adam Warner and Jamie Hampton for their 'acting skills'?.Hopefully the three hours I spent, freezing my nips off (why did I do a Love Island theme?) on campus demonstrates my commitment to this election. Please like, comment and share.#DoingBits4NUSU #WillYouMurrayMe?

Posted by Chris Murray #1 for Postgraduate on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

1) Access to digital mental health services such as SilverCloud.

2) More flexible tuition fee payment schedules for postgraduates

3) A buddy system for new students, where they're placed into small group at the start of their course based on shared interests and course area, to help them engage with societies and sports clubs more.

4) More social and study spaces on campus for postgraduates.

5) A postgraduate executive at NUSU and ringfenced seats on Student Council to increase postgraduate representation.

Chris says:

"I'm really excited to be running for your first ever postgraduate officer. I'm very proud of my manifesto which focuses on digital mental health and society engagement. It's important to recognize that it's not just postgraduates who can vote, anyone can, and should, even if they're only considering doing a PG degree in the future!"

Read Chris' full manifesto here

Karina Sorrels

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Posted by Vote Karina Sorrels #1 For Postgraduate Officer on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

Ensure that the university recognises the postgraduate experience equally and fairly in comparison to the undergraduate experience

Establish a centralised feedback form for all postgraduate programs, ensuring the success of the student’s assessments within term one

Form a Resilient Working Group for postgraduate students to help combat mental health issues in relation to assessed assignment

Organise school events intended for postgraduates to network outside of societies

Encourage consistent inclusivity in and out of the classroom.

Karina says:

"Throughout each of my positions at the university, I am truly blessed to be able to interact with both prospective and current students and implement positive changes to not only the individual's experience but also the whole of the university. This is one of the key reasons behind my campaign of Postgraduate Officer, I want to have the ability to continue working with students in order to implement positive changes to enhance their Newcastle experience and see the changes I am currently working towards continue to grow."

Read Karina's full manifesto here

Mikesh Lukka

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VOTING OPENS IN A FEW HOURS!!! To help understand my manifesto better I have created a short video explaining the points of my campaign! (This is not a serious video and my editing skills are trash but enjoy?)

Posted by Mikesh Lukka on Monday, March 18, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

Social events for Postgraduates

Better Integration

Space for Postgraduates:

Greater voice during studies:

Mikesh says:

"The reason that I am running for Postgraduate Officer this year is that it is a fantastic opportunity for postgraduates voices to finally be heard and I feel as though I am the person best suited to carry that voice to the union and the university!"

Read Mikesh's full manifesto here