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Here’s all the best pics from St Paddy’s Day in Newcastle

Please DON’T tell me ma

Once a year we are blessed by the Irish with the celebration of their saint and here in Newcastle we like to go all out. It's the best excuse to dress from head to toe in bright green and the only time of the year that it's acceptable to be embarrassingly drunk off cheap Guinness by lunchtime.

To prove just how dedicated the students of Newcastle are to the celebrations, here's a mega round up of the best pictures from St Patrick's Day 2019.

Ginger Gandalfina

Go big or go home…this one is worth the scroll to the last picture because it's an iconic look that is beyond explanation. At first you wouldn't even know it was Paddy's Day at Habita as the rest of this bearded ladies mates look relatively sane and normal. Love the ginger locks.

Irish Top Hats

Free face paint and Irish top hats? Yes please! Anything that will make us look cute and festive.

Whack a Mole at SU

As usual, Northumbria Students' Union's Paddy's Event pulled through and it was bigger and better than could ever be expected. The crazy full building takeover was insane and featured some particularly bizarre sights – including a life size green whack a mole and some hilarious photos to go alongside it.

Blurred at Bar Blanc

A blurry picture just like most of our St. Patrick's days. Bar Blanc in Jesmond was absolutely rammed with students who were celebrating in full swing – spirits were high.

Irish Giggles

Another cute Insta from Blanc that has a questionable caption…the hats really do make all the difference.

Spoons Break

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For some of us, the celebrating got just a wee bit too much to handle and called for a spoons to help reset and charge. Keeping the Irish spirit high with a flag head piece, this picture represents everything we feel when we are starving and receive our food too. Peng.

Carried by a Leprechaun

Tired of the all day celebrations? Worry no more, on St Patrick's Day you don't have to walk! Down a Guinness, close your eyes and count to three before bam, by the luck of the Irish, a leprechaun will appear to carry you for the rest of the day! If that doesn't work though, maybe order one off Amazon for next year.

Talking about Leprechauns

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Filthy's had an actual leprechaun dancing on the bar handing out shots of green apple sours. Very authentic.

Drunk 3

The only way to keep track of your friends on Paddy's Day is by labelling them by the order of who's the biggest lightweight…can't confirm if it actually works but makes for a cute picture anyway.

The Irish Rah

Nobody is too cool to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Even if you need to keep up your immense street cred, you can still do so by crouching and adding a few sunglasses and tongues out like this group of mates.

Irish Bowl Hats

If you weren't lucky enough to get a quality Guinness top hat, these Irish flagged bowl hats do just as good a job. We particularly like the waist coat and bow tie for a more classy look.

Photo credit: Northumbria Students' Union and Filthy's