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These are the candidates running to be the next NUSU Athletics Union officer

Who will be your sporting leader?

The AU officer is your go to person for anything sports related. They build training and development programmes for sport clubs and are vital in the development of new sporting facilities.

We caught up with this years three nominees to see what they're promising.

Joe Gubbins

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Manifesto pledges

1) Facilitate coaching qualifications for club members, this is to improve the quality of clubs training sessions and reward those who volunteer to coach for clubs

2) Ensure Welfare Officers get regular and effective training to help support club members who are struggling

3) Challenge sports centre membership costs and push for a monthly payment option

4) Put on sessions for Disability sports such as Boccia and Goalball to celebrate inclusive sport and bring disabled and able-bodied students together through sport

5) Support and raise the profile of intramural sport

"University sport has been a massive part of my 4 years here, I want to ensure that all students have the opportunity to enjoy sport. Vote Joe #1 for AU for accessible, inclusive sport and for someone who is willing to challenge uni on the way sport is run, to make it better for students."

Lara Brooks

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Manifesto Points

(1) Develop a post match food and beverage venue for Newcastle University sports teams

(2) Alternate sessions for compulsory labs/ seminars on a Wednesday morning if you play performance sport and your bus is leaving before the session begins

(3) Increase spectator attendance at home games

(4) More smaller buses to away games

(5) Annual Team Newcastle fundraiser for MIND

"A vote for anyone could change their year, Lara for AU #1."

Stylianos Hadjiforados

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Manifesto points

1) Make sports more affordable

2) Promote diversity and improve welfare within clubs

3) Make Longbenton sports grounds accessible to students with disabilities

4) Find a solution for missing labs and seminars due to competitions out of town

5) Reexamine how the yearly Grant is distributed so that clubs who are not competitive oriented but still contribute to welfare get fairly rewarded

"Do you feel like more can be done regarding Sports at our University? Its time for YOU to make a difference! Support my cause in the upcoming elections and together WE will create a better future."

Voting opened today – place your votes in all categories here.