NUSU Elections 2019: Meet your Editor of The Courier candidates

They’re BACK

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A year has been and gone and now you can vote for your favourite candidates to take up your favourite SU positions.

Voting opens tomorrow, so we've gathered together the manifestos and videos from the candidates for the position of Editor of The Courier. Enjoy…

Scarlett Rowland

Vote Scarlett #1 for Editor of the Courier

It's here! Pop a #1 next to Scarlett Rowland on Monday for Editor of the Courier to see improvements in facilities, accountability, engagement and employability!

Posted by Vote Scarlett #1 for Editor of the Courier on Friday, March 15, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

Coupons in the newspaper

Move the writer meeting to a more accessible room

Return of the puzzles page prizes

Reintroduction of the paid distribution role

Semester round ups from your part-time and full-time officers to see what the people you voted for are getting up to

Why do you want to be Editor?

"Whilst I've been at university, I've been involved with both the student newspaper and The Tab, and I think it's time to reduce the animosity and work alongside each other! If elected I want to focus on improving your employability, the university and unions accountability, engagement with the paper, and the facilities! Alongside other ideas, I want to have social media managers for each section, have feedback for your writing, support investigative journalism, and a dedicated space for NUTV. If these appeal to you, think about putting a #1 next to my name on Monday when voting opens."

Sidney Pinsent

Sidney Pinsent

2019 Editor of The Courier candidate: Sidney Pinsent Find out more at

Posted by Newcastle University Students' Union on Friday, March 15, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

Library crush


Investigative news team

Jobs page

New bold design

Why do you want to be Editor?

"I'm not about mickey mouse little tweaks, I'm about major change.

Too long have Couriers been left to pile up, only to be thrown out a week later. Its time we revise The Courier so every Newcastle student picks up out glorious paper. That means no more drab covers and dull stories.

I want a paper that shouts, that hurls its message and is bold in its look and content. We are a STUDENT paper and lets not forget that. People want the blind date and they want library crush, they want stuff that draws there attention and makes them laugh, rant and cringe.

We're not the bloody guardian we're the bloody THE COURIER so lets get back to basics, back to Newcastle students, back to greatness."

Read Sid's full manifesto here

Harry Parsons

Give Harry a Go for Editor

More sport. Hold the uni to account. Bigger space for your society. And you. Let’s do this together. You in?GIVE HARRY A GO for Editor of the Courier and whack him a #1 if you fancy a bit more sport, a bit more investigative journalsim and a bit more of you whalloped into the paper.*Any Newcastle Student* can vote and it all opens Monday 18th to Thursday 21st at x

Posted by Give Harry a Go for Editor of the Courier on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

Challenge the university.

Increase sports coverage across student media

Improve our multimedia presence

Build the student media brand

Facilitate more reader-led features

Why do you want to be Editor?

"I’m running to be editor because I think that you, the student, should be smack bang in the middle of everything we do. More sport coverage across student media, more comment so you can vent about your life, your society and more coverage if the events you attend and put on across campus. All of that plus making sure we keep the university in line. Hold them to account to make your university fairer."

Read Harry's full manifesto here

Grace Dean

Grace Dean for Editor campaign video

Hello Newcastle University students. My name is Grace Dean & I am running to be your next Editor of the Courier. Vote for me in your Students' Union elections between 1pm Monday 18th & 12 noon Thursday 21st March, and find your

Posted by Grace Dean for Editor of the Courier on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Manifesto pledges:

More involvement with societies & clubs

Brand-new Food section

Strategic distribution

Greater online presence

Get more people involved with student media

Read Grace's full mainfesto here

Xin Lee

Manifesto pledges:

Encourage and provide more opportunities for students from different countries to introduce their hometowns and connect their culture with the local culture to make the newspaper more international

Invite the members of different societies to write more about their activities and attract students to find their favourite one

The webpage and online articles will be promoted in a more abundant way

Ally Wilson

Here we go, the song that will never leave your head and the dress that will hurt your eyes. Here's why I want to be your next Editor of the Courier. Enjoy. #AlAlLand#VoteAlly1EditorMASSIVE love to Alec Boyd & his amazing team for making this video. You are a prodigy. xxx

Posted by Vote Ally #1 Editor of The Courier on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Manifesto pledges:




Why do you want to be Editor?

"I am passionate about The Courier, I think it’s a fantastic publication which is why I want to make sure that the student body appreciate it. I want to encourage wider distribution, better engagement with societies and a stronger prestige on campus so that it’s the first port of call for students who want to know what’s going on on campus."

Read Ally's full manifesto here