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Here are ways that students in Newcastle can help the planet

Am I the only one concerned about our recent unseasonably warm weather?

Remember the other week when it was really sunny and really warm? That was mad.

We all welcomed the sunny skies with open arms and Osborne Road was HEAVING with day drinkers, but was the heat wave actually a cause for concern? I found myself thinking about the winter days that we are used to, you know, the ones with grey skies, rain and being apprehensive about going on a night out in case we actually FREEZE in the entry queue.

But the warm weather in February, which has continued into March, is proof that climate change is real, and if we don't do something about it soon, it's probably going to be far too late.

So although you've probably heard of all these tips before, there's an added bonus to saving the planet.. you'll save lots of money. So who's the real winner here? Spoiler, it's you!

Eat and drink less animal produce and more plants

People always hate this one, but it’s been proven that the single most effective way in which you can reduce your carbon footprint is by switching to a plant based diet. I know this isn’t for everyone, and it’s important to realise that it’s NOT all or nothing here. Start easy by asking for soya milk with your 9am coffee in the Robbo and eating meat three times a week instead of five… great for the planet and frees up so much more money for trebs.

Use reusable cups and take your own bags to the supermarket

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Spice up your weekly Waitrose shop by bringing your own bag and take a flask to lectures instead of a Costa cup… easy.

Don't keep buying new clothes

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Reduce, re-use, recycle. The old classic. But it's so much better for the environment to buy second hand clothes. Obviously Depop and charity shops are the way forward, and Newcastle is FULL of good vintage fairs. Cool and cost effective?! I don't know why anyone wouldn't follow this one.

Turn off laptops, lights, plugs, etc.

Let's face it, we all want to pay less for our electricity bills. So instead of rushing off to your seminar and leaving your bedroom light on, switch it off, save the planet and cut down on your bill. Win-win.

Buy local produce

Supporting local farmers, reducing the use of fossil fuels AND the price of your food bills? Yes please! Again this one is really easy, especially in Newcastle. There are so many food markets, like the one along the Quayside on a Sunday, and there is often fruit and veg on sale on Northumberland Street. And then of course there’s always Grainger Market, which sells pretty much everything.

Walk more

Stop using the metro and save £3.10 every day by walking to uni! This will save you money, make you feel good and reduce the amount of fossil fuels in our atmosphere.

Reduce the amount of rubbish you produce

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Take your Love Island waterbottle to uni! Don't use a straw for your treb! Invest in a bamboo toothbrush! The possibilities are endless.

And here ends my lovely list of golden rules that we should all start abiding to (please). I guess saving the planet is just a bit like treating others how you would want to be treated; if we're all just a little bit kinder to our planet and treat it with some respect, then everything is (hopefully) going to be OK.