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Meet Thomas O’Hare: Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher

We have a winner…

We've been searching up and down Newcastle for weeks now and have brought your some fit, fit freshers. But, with an impressive 42 per cent of the votes, we can now reveal that the winner of Newcastle's Fittest Fresher 2019 is… Thomas O'Hare.

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Thomas smashed his way through the competition, coming first in every single round. Thomas says that he's going to celebrate the great news in style, telling The Newcastle Tab, "Oi oi, time to hit Tiger Tiger. DM me for guest-list and deals at Voodoo this weekend."

The words of a true champion.

In second place comes Joe Wyche, who managed to secure 32 per cent of the votes. Joe came first in his nomination round and is definitely worthy of his silver medal.

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Jordan Earle came in third place overall, who bagged himself 26 per cent of the votes. All worthy winners.

So now you have crowned your king, make sure you watch out for your queen!