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Brunch, trebs and psychedelic cats: What to do with your home friends once they finally visit you at uni in Newcastle

We’re not in Kent anymore Toto

After months, maybe a year or two, of your friends promising to pay you a visit, they've finally decided to make the dream a reality. Tickets are booked, nights out are planned, but where are you going to take your friends to show them everything Newcastle has to offer? Never fear, here are some sweets spots which show off the Toon.


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You've been bragging about trebs for weeks on end, so it's about time your friends experience them. Soho may be the most basic club in Newcastle, but there's a reason for that. With four floors, free entry and literally everyone you know inside, your friends are bound to love it. And plus, Munchies is just round the corner isn't it? Cheesy chips, here we go.


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There's no argument that the Quayside is an iconic Newcastle location, so why not take your friends to see the views? Grab some cocktails at Pitcher & Piano, maybe a light lunch at Slug and Lettuce if you're feeling fancy, or simply enjoy some riverside grub at the Sunday morning market (churros anyone?). Whatever you do, Quayside is a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of Northumberland Street.

The Baltic

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Interrupt your boozy weekend with some culture, and check out the exhibitions in the Baltic. Ranging from sombre commentaries on war, deep dives into what it means to live in the digital age, and a psychedelic farmyard rave featuring a giant projection of a cat, there's something for everyone, even if you just want to go to the top floor to see the view.

Fat Hippo

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Delicious? Check. Decadent? Check. A little bit over the top? Check. Whether you go to the cosy Jesmond branch, or go a little edgier and book a table at Fat Hippo Underground, get ready for food so good it'll leave you feeling stuffed enough to almost order an Uber home.

Café 1901

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With its exposed brick walls, high ceilings and cheerful atmosphere, Café 1901 is a perfect brunch location in the heart of Jesmond (not to mention, very Instagrammable). The menu ranges from full English breakfasts to millennial classics such as avocado on toast, and also includes vegan and vegetarian options! Whether you're recovering from a hangover, or just want to go for a cute date with your friends, Café 1901 won't disappoint.

Jesmond Dene

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Get out of the city and into scenic Jesmond Dene! Offering a petting zoo, a cutesy café and a stunning waterfall, it's the perfect way to recover from a heavy night on the sesh (or a Netflix marathon running into the early hours of the morning). Take a stroll alongside the stream, dissect the events of last night and enjoy the fresh air.

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Play with some cats whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and the view of the riverside. Need I say more?


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And finally, when all else fails, go to Shijo. Both the ultimate comfort food and a Newcastle student favourite, there's no argument that Shijo provides a better meal than you could ever muster up in your kitchen. Eat in store and leave a sweet post-it note on the wall, or take your goods home and watch it in bed in front of Netflix, either way, you'll be happy.