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A house is on fire on Glenthorn Road in Jesmond after a towel caught on fire from a candle

It is house number 10


A student house on Glenthorn Road in Jesmond has caught fire.

The Newcastle Tab received reports of the blaze at around 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Footage of the blaze can be seen on our Instagram story.

A reporter from The Newcastle Tab spoke to one of the housemates, who lives in the house with two other girls. She said that the fire started when a towel caught on fire from a candle in her housemates room.

The girls were in the house when the fire started. The fire spread very quickly but the three girls managed to get out of the house unharmed.

One witness told The Newcastle Tab: "There were multiple fire engines and thick smoke was coming out of the front window of the house. Lots of students were standing around confused."

A further witness said: "One of the windows blew but it looks like everyone is out and okay from what I can see".

The fire team said that is unlikely that anything will be recovered from the house.

The Newcastle Tab will update this article with more information as it comes in.