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The pink and yellow ballerina statue has been REMOVED from campus

‘Thank fuck for that’- everyone

Having (dis)graced our campus for a brave few months, the ballerina/gorilla statue has finally been removed, after being found broken in half on Saturday morning. REJOICE!

Student opinions on the statue have been divided. While some praised it as a work of modern art, most viewed it as an ugly eyesore, would have been significantly happier had it never existed and were partial to smashing it up and chucking it into the Tyne. One student, Danny Jones, even started a petition to have the statue removed.

We spoke to Danny who told us, "I’m happy it’s being removed from the architecture quadrangle, not the fact it was damaged! It’s a shame someone intentionally broke the statue but overall I’m glad it’s being removed. The university were aware of my petition so it may have been a factor in the decision to remove it instead of repair it."

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The statue was removed Monday morning, altogether disappearing from our campus and from our lives. We made fun of it, put it on our Instagram stories, hugged it when drunk and finally, one brave soul eventually snapped it in half.

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While we've driven off one statue from the campus, some students are still unhappy with the mishmash column which blocks the otherwise picturesque view of the uni. Watch out Clasp, you might be next.

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one down, one to go

Photo credit: Rachael Hardy