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Newcastle halls evacuated after a fire broke out

It happened last night

A fire broke out yesterday in Newcastle Uni accommodation, causing freshers to be evacuated.

The blaze happened at Bryson Court yesterday around 19:30 and allegedly broke out due to a grill pan being left unattended in the Flat 13 of the accommodation.

There was a build up of black smoke in the flat and dozens of students had to be evacuated.

The Newcastle Tab acquired video footage of the blaze which can be seen exclusively on our Instagram story.

According to witnesses, four fire engines came as soon as the call was made. The incident was handled accordingly – with the issue averted by the firefighters.

One witness told The Newcastle Tab, "they were throwing things out of the window and going in with hoses".

Portland Green (who manage Bryson court) posted on their Facebook confirming that everyone was safe. They said "the issue itself was not severe rather a minor mishap that was handled swiftly by the firefighters". They went on to thank all the students for their patience and cooperation regarding the incidence.

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Chloe Slack, a resident of Bryson Court, told The Newcastle Tab, "it was scary when we realised it was a real fire and not just one of our weekly drills but the fire team were so prompt and did a great job and I’m glad everyone is safe and no one is hurt".