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Rodeo bulls, oompah band and dance offs: Let’s Play Darts is back and bigger than ever

Banana costumes at the ready

The perfect replacement for a standard society or sports team night out has arrived – the biggest Newcastle darts event to date.

It's time for you to start getting your costumes ready as on Thursday 15th March, you would be foolish to be anywhere else.

In a tent big enough to hold 2000 people, gather to watch 20 pro and amateur players battle it out.

Image may contain: Party, Painting, Art, Skin, Night Club, Club, Person, Human

Aside from the sport itself, the event promises a live oompah band, circus performers, dance offs, stage games and even a rodeo bull.

As if this wasn't enough, there will be a HUGE Swingers afterparty to keep the fun going all night long.

Tickets start at £4 with special deals available for societies and teams.