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The first annual Newcastle Varsity has been announced!

Newcastle Vs Northumbria!

After it was decided that the annual Northumbria vs Newcastle Stan Calvert would no longer continue into 2019, Newcastle Varsity has just been announced.

The varsity bar crawl is set it take place on the 8th of March, sparking the famous rivalry between poly and posh. This time round, however, the universities aren't involved, and lots of the planning is being done by sports teams and their social secs – happy days!

This is a Newcastle first and Newcastle University are keen to claw back some dignity following Northumbria's consecutive victories over the past five years.

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The Newcastle Tab spoke to George Goldspink, one of the event organisers, who told us, "since the announcement of the removal of Stan Calvert, we knew we had to do something, it took a lot of input from social secs on what they wanted, but now we’ve got to this point, we literally cannot wait to get this event going! For us, we couldn’t stand back and watch Newcastle be the first city without some sort of varsity event between the two universities!"

The event is described as 'the biggest announcement in the history of both universities based in Newcastle' and describes it as 'a t-shirt bar crawl filled with challenges and games' It's set to be one of the biggest events of the year, so you'd be silly to miss out.

So grab your face paints and sports gear, and celebrate uni spirit the right way.