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Clubbers of the Week: The good, the bad and the ugly

Legends, the lot of you

Today is Valentine's Day and as such here's a few sound words of advice: you can have your heart broken by a relationship, but never by a good night out with your mates.

Here's to those who'll be spending today like these heroes in the Newcastle's clubs this past week.

When you go a bit too heavy and start seeing flying sombreros

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We've all had a bite of those gold pineapples at least once… hopefully it was your last.

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When you're enjoying Swingers but then accidentally slip into an existential crisis

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There's always that one mate who's on a completely different level

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The last thing my chicken nuggets see after a night out

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Trebles do bad things to the best of us… rate the tartan suit though

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"No paparazzis please!"

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They all look so proud of their son. Hope your eye's ok now mate x

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Photo credits: Sam Cooper (Waikiki), Chris Gray (Soho and Swingers), AJR (Off the Record), Sarah May photography (Mimos)