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Here are the Valentine’s Day club events happening in Newcastle this week

Who needs a date when you’ve got trebs, right?

For some, Valentine's Day means a romantic dinner date with your significant other and posting sickly sweet Instagram posts. For the rest of us, Valentine's Day serves as a painful reminder of our single relationship status.

However, if you are without a date this year, why not skip the wallowing around at home and drown your sorrows with a night out instead? Whether you're out on the pull and hoping to spot the love of your life on the dance floor, or just in need of a girls night out, we've rounded up all the best club nights in Newcastle this Valentine's Day.

Tiger Tiger- Traffic Light Party ft KissCam LIVE

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Bringing in V-Day this Wednesday is Tiger Tiger's Traffic Light Party, celebrating a day early so you don't have to wake up alone on Valentine's Day! Aiming to attract with a promise of "no judgement and white room full of regrets", choose your colour and get ready to pull.

When: Wednesday 13th Feb

Entry: £5

Tup Tup Palace- Playground Wednesdays- 'Snog, Marry, Avoid'

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For an alternative to sports night madness at Tiger's Traffic Light Party, play a game of "Snog, Marry, Avoid" at Tup Tup this Wednesday, where love is sure to be in the air ahead of Valentine's Day. For a last chance at avoiding being alone, head down to Tup Tup and get flirting before it's too late!

When: Wednesday 13th Feb

Entry: £4 on the door

Swingers- Valentine's Day "Singles Night"- Feb 1963

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Swingers' legendary "Singles Night" is back for the fourth year in a row this Thursday! Let's be honest, if you're out on Valentine's Day then you're probably single, so let Swingers "play Cupid" for you this year and get ready to be matched up whilst you dance the night away to some classic disco tunes.

When: Thursday 14th Feb

Entry: £5

Illegitimate- Skint- Traffic Light Party

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For another Traffic Light Party on Valentine's Day, pop down to Illegitimate this Thursday for some cheesy tunes and a chance at spotting the one on the dance floor. A pretty simple way of identifying who is single and ready to mingle, get your best red, yellow or green outfits on and get looking for true love!

When: Thursday 14th Feb

Entry: £4

MSA- Off the Record- "Love is the Message"

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If Traffic Light Parties aren't really your thing, why not head down to MSA's infamous basement this Valentine's Day for some fabulous funk, banging disco tunes and sweet soul sounds. Love is definitely being celebrated this Thursday whether you've got someone special or not- you can even win a spa day for two, some free cocktails and two year-long passes to Off The Record if you check out the event on Facebook.

When: Thursday 14th Feb

Entry: Free before 11 or £5/ £6

The Cut – Rebel Valentine's – 'Indie Tinder'

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"Get in it's Valentine's.. that made up day to sell some f*ckin cards". For all the Valentine's cynics out there, The Cut is bringing some banging Indie/ Alternative tunes and some Hip-Hop classics. Inviting singletons to "swipe until your heart's content", dance the night away this Thursday at The Cut's "Indie Tinder" night where there's sure to be plenty of matches on the dance floor.

When: Thursday 14th Feb

Entry: £6 on the door

Cover photo credits: Chris Gray