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Here’s all the things to do in Newcastle with your gals if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s you’re going to WANT to be single for

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Just because the Robbo is getting more dates than you doesn’t mean your Valentine's Day has to be sad and lonely.

We're lucky enough to live in the beautiful Toon and there are endless activities for you and your pals to get involved in. In preparation for February 14th, we've taken it upon ourselves to help you beat off the couples and enjoy your single Valentine's Day.

Firstly, prep yourself with a Friends themed Valentine's Day Quiz

Nothing feels more wholesome than a pub quiz based on a TV show that literally revolves around friends hanging out. Get your mates down to No.28 , have a few drinks and celebrate everyone's favourite comedy (plus you could win £50 for the bar meaning you can be drunk AND single!).

Slide out of the DMs and onto the ice for a Valentine’s skate

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Why not grab some of your friends and go for a wild skate at Times Square. It may be designed for couples, but there’s no rule stopping you from gliding about with your best mate for only £5 each.

Keep your gin up, and shake up some cocktails at Revs

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If you're not a master at dating, become a cocktail wiz with this Revs group masterclass. It's pretty pricey, but think of how many people you can impress with your new-found skill.

Bring the fantasy to life at "Those Who Know" at the Alice in Wonderland bar… great drinks and even greater picture opportunities

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Give "The Alice Q The Magic Dragon" drink a go, or "Tumble Down The Rabbit Hole" if you're feeling extra adventurous. And you can get your equally single mates to take cute photos of you on the swing, because nothing feels more liberating than swinging away from boy troubles!

Rom com anyone? Grab your pals and head to The Gate for the showing of Notting Hill

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If Hugh Grant doesn't help you forget about your ex then nothing will.

Just go on a date, it is Valentines day after all!

Mix your dates like you mix your drinks with a good old fashioned speed date! It’s obviously “just for a laugh” (or that's what you tell everyone) and you get a free cocktail for just £10.

Hit Illegitimate for their Valentine's Traffic Light Party.

Unlikely to find your match on a £1 guestlist, but you can still dance away your night surrounded by your besties! Make sure you dress entirely in green to let everyone know how free and single you are.

Or if you’re still experiencing freshers' flu and out of student loan.. have a girls night in

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Chick flicks, takeaways and a 2000’s playlist? Yes please. Why not scroll through Insta and slag off your ex's new girlfriend too… we all do it.

Don’t forget to hit up the chocolate sales first thing friday morning!

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Perhaps the most important stage of them all. Definitely don’t forget to visit Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat for some anticipated reductions on all your favorite chocolates.

Alternatively, just sack off Valentine's Day altogether and treat it like any other day… which it basically is.