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Newcastle Fittest Fresher: The girls, round one

Let’s hear it for the girls

The votes rolled in for the boys first round – it's now time for the girls.

This round boasts five beauties from Leazes, Kensington Terrace, Park View and St Mary's: it's a battle of the halls.

Read all about them and choose your fave.


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From: Dorset

Halls: Castle Leazes

Weird fact about yourself: Can put both feet behind my head

Best chat up line you've ever used: "Buy me ten jägers and I’m yours"

Perfect date: Leazes vending on him

Relationship status: Still paying for my own vending


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From: Winchester

Halls: Kensington Terrace

Weird fact about yourself: Once I put antibacterial gel on my VJJ cos I was at a festival and obvs hadn't showered in days hence thought it was a good idea – one of the most painful experiences of me life

Best chat up line you've ever used: "If you were a library book I’d check you out"

Perfect date: Just a shit load of food. Go surfing for funsees. Then get the best Indian, take some home – cheeky (my place only soz). Then probs order some more food.

Relationship status: Single pringle


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From: Near Middlesborough

Halls: Park View

Weird fact about yourself: I have stupidly tiny ears

Best chat up line you've ever used: "You’ll do"

Perfect date: Beer and a film

Relationship status: Single


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From: Sussex

Halls: Castle Leazes

Weird fact about yourself: I have a tattoo of a grain of rice on my foot

Best chat up line you've ever used: When I was skiing – "I’ll nose butter your box if you lip slide my rail"

Perfect date: Weekend away in St. Anton, ideally in their nice big chalet

Relationship status: He’s brought his toothbrush over to mine


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From: Bath

Halls: St Mary’s College

Weird fact about yourself: I once slept in a shopping trolley after a night out

Best chat up line you've ever used: "I may not go down in history but I’d go down on you"

Perfect date: As long as they’ve got good banter and there’s plenty of good food I’m happy

Relationship status: Single

Who gets your vote? Keep your eyes open for round 2!