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This woman wrote a card thanking a kind stranger for paying her bill and we need to reunite them!

Can you help us find them?

Sometimes, it just happens. The random act of kindness from a stranger which can just be enough to restore one’s faith in humanity. It’s something which we all have the power to do, and yet when it happens to us, it knocks us back.

This was the reaction of Faye, a Patisserie Valerie customer who had her bill picked up by a stranger. They had overheard Faye’s conversation about money worries last year in the cafe and decided to help her out.

A couple of days ago, former Patisserie Valerie employee Caitlin posted a photo of a card in Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange. Caitlin said that the card had been found in the cafe, and was from Faye.

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Caitlin decided that upon finding the card in store, she wanted to pass the card on to the generous customer who covered Faye’s tab.

The card read: "I hope that overhearing me joking to my friend about my debt didn't cause you to have any pity towards me. I have debts yes, but they aren't huge and I am in no danger of financial ruin.

"I have an alright job which I mostly enjoy and am doing just fine. Nevertheless I hope you know just how much I really appreciate your generousity and kindness and am I missed the opportunity to thank you in person.

This act of kindness is something I am not likely to ever forget and something I can look back on to brighten any future low moods."

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Faye wished her fellow Patisserie Valerie customer a great weekend and vowed to "spread the joy too".

Maybe you know this mystery customer? Maybe it's you?! If so, let us know.

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