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Here are Newcastle’s maddest Insta Stories from the term so far

Why are we like this

Newcastle students are known for being pretty mad, but last term you lot really went the extra mile.

The Newcastle Tab were sent in so many videos of you doing weird and wonderful stuff that we wanted to make sure as many of you as possible know about it. To check out the full videos (and many, many more), just head to our Insta

The girl who just LOVES Flares

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Probably a Fresher.

The guy snacking on bread in the Sinners cage

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To be fair, you never know how long you'll be stuck in there for so it's best to bring supplies.

The girl who brought a Mobike into Munchies

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Did she eat her kebab and then cycle home or eat her kebab whilst cycling home?!

The girl in a cowboy hat who brought a giant inflatable woman to the takeaway

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Ffs Tara.

The guy who literally just launches himself into a bush

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Can't have been comfortable.

The girl who cleaned her nuggets with her toothbrush

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The girl who falls downstairs in a plastic box

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It starts off so well and ends so badly.

The girl who caught a slice of bread PERFECTLY

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Not only did she definitely play rounders at school, I haven't stopped watching this catch over and over again since I first saw it. It's been weeks. Help.

The guy who uses his head to try and get an extra high score

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Teamwork makes the dream work x

Head to our Instagram highlights to check out the full videos and even more mad antics.