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Who is Big T? Shipwrecked contestant and Newcastle Uni grad

She was in 2013’s version of Fittest Fresher

Tula 'Big T' Fazakerley caused a stir on E4's Shipwrecked within a few hours of arriving on the island. The 26-year-old is a part-time wig maker, and Newcastle University Classical History graduate.

Her real name is Tula Fazakerley, but as she explained on the show, her family nicknamed her 'Big T' because of her small boobs. She definitely has a big personality though, being involved in the first feud of the serious in episode one with her fellow contestant Liv.

She describes herself as a "princess", and her Instagram suggests she certainly lives life like royalty. Her luxurious lifestyle means she probably fit right in as a student in Jesmond, and was probably spotted shopping in Waitrose on the regular.

She grew up in Chelsea, and hopes for a career on the TV. But before the fame and lavish lifestyle, Big T was a typical uni student, attending Newcastle University and even partaking in the 2013 version of the infamous Fittest Fresher competition.

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Tula as a Newcastle uni student

Back then we called it Toon Talent and she was named as 'The Sassy Mamma'. She is said to be super proud of her title – we don't blame her to be honest.

When interviewed by The Tab as a student, she explained that she was originally nicknamed 'Mama T' by her friends. It seems she's been sassy since day one, as when asked for three words to describe herself, she replied "you'll need more than three, honey".

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