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A woman has been hit by a bus outside St James’ Park

It happened tonight

There have been reports of a woman being hit by a bus tonight outside St James' Park.

The Newcastle Tab were told of the incident at about 10:30pm tonight.

It is thought that a woman has been hit and got stuck underneath a Stagecoach bus, but this is yet to be confirmed.

One witness told The Newcastle Tab: "It looks like someone is stuck underneath the bus and they're just working out the safest way to get them out."

A passenger on the bus which struck the victim said: "She was all the way under the bus, you could only see her ankle. I think she ran out in front of it thinking she had enough time to get across but didn't. We were made to get off the bus straight away to lift the pressure. The police were there in seconds and there was an ambulance there within five minutes."

The severity of the injuries are not yet known. The casualty was taken away in an ambulance shortly after paramedics arrived.

The Newcastle Tab will update this story with more information as it comes through.