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Newcastle SU have launched a site for you to buy and sell course textbooks

One book = three trebs

Is there anything you begrudge more than spending £9,000 a term to be then told you have to spend hundreds more on required reading?

Buying brand new books for £40 a piece is now a thing of the past. Newcastle Students' Union have launched a marketplace where Newcastle uni students can sell their old and unwanted textbooks and buy the new ones they need for a much cheaper price.

This service is available both on the NUSU website and the app!

It's super easy to get rid of your books, no more posting on Leazes Exchange in the hope someone is desperate for the one you're selling.

To list an item, you simply choose the category, set a price, add an image and a little description and then you smell the sweet sweet cash.

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All subjects are covered so whether you need an ancient poetry book or a biology lab guide – this is now your go to place.

Su President Raff Marioni, told The Newcastle Tab: "We just created an EBay/depop for textbooks. At the start of term when you've got new books to buy it can be mad expensive, especially if your lecturers say they're compulsory! You can buy it on here from an older student for cheaper, and older students can sell their textbooks that they stopped using ages ago. Saving money for buyers, saving space in bedrooms for sellers".

So before you go off to the local bookshop and buy everything brand new, save your loan and help out your peers.