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These are all the cafes you didn’t know about that you need to visit in Newcastle

From study spaces to to quirky lunch spots

Whether you're a first or a third year, you're probably more than a little bored of the basic lunch spots that so many students visit on the daily. If you're looking for something to mix up your usual routine, a cosy little spot for chilling with your pals or somewhere to type out a last minute essay, look no further. We've compiled a list of the best hidden cafes in Newcastle.

Wave goodbye to Greggs and Eat 4 Less and check out these top alternative lunch fixes in Newcastle.

Les Petits Choux

The most adorable little French themed cafe five mins from Castle Leazes and Park View. It's pretty small inside and very popular with all sorts of people from students to grandmas to workers on lunch break – you might have to wait 10 minutes for a table but it will definitely be worth it. With a wide range of paninis, drinks and sweet treats available at around £3 or under, this place is definitely a winner.

Price – 4/5

Vibe – 4/5

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Pink Lane Cafe

This is just opposite the train station so great if your train is delayed or you're waiting to pick up a mate. Chilled vibes, pretty decor and delicious sweet treats at a good price (the lemon ginger and poppy seed cake was SO yummy at £2.60). It's also VERY Instagrammable.

Price – 4/5

Vibe – 5/5

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10/10 for Instagram

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Oak Cafe at Barker and Stonehouse

WHO KNEW that you could find this gem on the first floor of a fancy furniture shop (pls don't be put off by the quadruple digit price tags on each beaut sofa) – the cafe is super chilled and pretty reasonably priced. You even get to test out the furniture while you sip your drink of choice and dream up the decor of your future million pound home. The staff are super kind and it's the perfect spot for studying – huge tables and barely anyone seems to know about it so it's basically empty.

Price – 3/5

Vibe – 4/5

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Them olives


Opposite Oak Cafe, be sure not to miss Bait. This is THE sandwich shop of all sandwich shops. It's won awards for its sandwiches. And they're all around the £3/£4 mark. If you love a good sandwich on a budget you NEED to check this place out – it's got a pretty strong sea-side aesthetic going whilst being cosy and homely at the same time.

Price – 4/5

Vibe – 3/5

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It's so homely!!!

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Flat Caps Coffee

Possibly the most hipster cafe yet, this one is closer to Northumbria campus and a little out of the way. It's really worth popping in to check out the fairy lights and plants aesthetic, and to get some work done. There's plenty of tables and chairs so you won't be stuck around waiting for a seat. Breakfast is served until 4pm so perfect for those hungover days! Although food is a little on the pricier side.

Price – 3/5

Vibe – 5/5

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Fairy lights warrant 5/5

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Like us, it might take you a while to work out where this one is (clue: it's on Northumberland Street, next to the post office, three floors above Leeds Building Society). But once you do, it's so worth it for the view over the busy high street and the beaut decor. It's Greek themed – from the music playing in the background to the menu choices and crockery – just be aware that they only take cash.

Price – 3/5

Vibe – 4/5

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The Journey

This little cafe has a lot to it – it's half bike repair shop for starters. It serves lots of vegan and gluten free cakes and drinks… AND it has a doggo. Just past the Laing Art Gallery it's easy to miss this gem, but give it a visit and you won't be disappointed.

Price – 4/5

Vibe – 4/5

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There's a dog here somewhere

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There he is!!!!!