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Workouts, drinking water and ditching your phone: Top tips to get you through your exams

Just put your phone down and get on with it

Welcome to exam season. There's not very much joy and motivation is running low. But instead of moaning and crying into your crap library coffee, why not refer to our handy tips on surviving exams:

Revise to a soundtrack

Have you ever thought "I’ll just put some music on to revise to", but struggled to concentrate on the words you’re typing? Or found yourself unable to resist the urge to keep skipping till you find "the song"? The compromise – soundtracks. No lyrics, no distractions! Soundtracks are the key to a relaxed approach to revision. There are already plenty of playlists on Spotify and YouTube, so you don’t have to worry about making your own.

Quick workouts

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It’s easy to think we should put everything on hold during exams, however focusing on only one thing can make you start to question your sanity. A quick 20 min workout is a great way to recuperate the mind. Even if it’s just a walk down Osborne Road, or star jumps in your bedroom, make time for your well-being. Why not make use of the Jesmond swimming pool for once, it's only £3.40 for students!

Talk to your course mates

If you don’t know where to start, ask your friends what they’re doing. The more ideas you hear, the easier it will be to gage the direction you should be going in.

Ask them if there are any summary sheets you should know about, these are a great way to springboard your thought process.

Drink lots of water

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A hydrated mind is a happier mind. Invest in a large-ish water bottle, and just by placing it beside you, you’ll be surprised at how fast you drink it. This can help kerb those stress binge-eating cravings and balance out all the coffee you’ve probably been drinking.

Make lists

Don’t just sit and stress about what you’ve got to do, write it down! Ticking things off is both satisfying and motivating. It’s an easy way of keeping track of your progress, as well as improving your time management skills.

Put your phone on airplane mode

The best way to stop stressing about all the work you have to do, is to just get on with it. Don’t be afraid to make a start. Ignore the Facebook notifications, and Pizza Hut spam messages for a while. Find a peaceful place to study, be it your desk or the Robbo, (though we all know the Marj is the place to be) and turn your phone off. You’ll be surprised how much work you can get done when you’re bored.


This one sounds cheesy but give it a try! Just two minutes of meditation before you go to bed can help fight off any built up stress and allow you to reset for tomorrow. Clear your mind, try to picture a clear white background, and really focus on creating that blank canvas. This will help you get a good night’s sleep and stop thoughts of work making turning your dreams into nightmares!